Sun and bright light can cause wood to yellow over time. We apply our Sunshield protection to both the wood and to our Titanium finish, providing superior protection to minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

This UV protection is especially important in natural or very light shades in species like Hard Maple, Red Oak, Ash and Yellow Birch, which are the most prone to yellowing.?However, exotic?species attain a rich, intense, highly desirable?hue over time when exposed to light. This is why we carefully select the products on which we apply our Sunshield.

Since we introduced Sunshield to the market in 2002 it has been recognized as the premium “yellowing retardant” for hardwood floorings on the market. This efficient technology represented an important breakthrough in being able to dramatically reduce the aging effect of ultra-violet light on our hardwood floors.

Since its introduction it has been tested in laboratories and in thousands of live case studies and has proved to be an outstanding success. Lauzon customers are thrilled with how it preserves the integrity and beauty of their floors.

You will be too.

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