Forestry Stewardship

Lauzon was born in?1985?in Papineauville, Quebec, in an era of heightened environmental awareness. At its founding, we were committed to building a hardwood flooring enterprise ready for the challenges of the 21st century. That meant incorporating responsible and sustainable stewardship practices, from sourcing through recycling and reusing.

Green isn’t just a color at Lauzon, it’s part of our value system.

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Through our fully integrated operation, we have built a business that is at the forefront of sustainable forest management and stewardship. Full integration begins with the forest lots that we manage in Outaouais (Quebec) and continues in our sawmill, and in our hardwood flooring finishing plants.

Responsible Sourcing

When you choose a Lauzon floor you can take comfort in knowing that our policies are designed to protect the forest for generations to come. Whether Canadian or imported, we only choose wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Not to say that we are fully compliant with the?US Lacey Act?to ensure legal sources of timber.

Sustainable Forest Management

We own and manage our wood lots – a territory of 2M wooden acres in Outaouais (Quebec). Our forest management also guarantees us uninterrupted 25-year supply of the finest raw materials from a thoroughly renewable source.

We harvest less than 30% of trees per 2,5 acres on a 25-year rotation – this allows room for renewal with younger trees. At Lauzon we ensure the forest is left in better shape as we allow younger and more vigorous trees to grow.

We are?ISO 14001?certified for environmental management practices including how we measure our environmental impact and work to improve our performance.


Our state of the art hardwood sawmill – the largest in Canada – allows us to precisely calibrate production with demand for high yield use of every block of wood. When compared with industry standards, our environmentally responsible production allows us to produce more planks from the same amount of wood, thus protecting the planet.

This translates into an 80% yield of logs harvested (compared to the industry standard closer to 45%). This is significant when you consider that we represent 14% of all of Canada’s hardwood production and we do it responsibly.

Recycle, Reuse

To minimize our environmental footprint, we’ve implemented a Zero Waste policy as a key component of our production. Our primary energy source for our dryers and for heating our

factories comes from our own shavings and sawdust. What we don’t use we transform into carbon neutral pellets for wood burning stoves.

Our in-depth understanding of climate conditions allows us to dry wood naturally with wind and the right temperatures. Reducing the time wood spends in kilns decreases both our energy consumption and our CO2?emissions.


At Lauzon, we are proud to offer you?FSC?-certified?Hard Maple,? Red Oak?and?Yellow Birch hardwood floors on demand.

We are also proud that our Canadian Hard Maple floorings benefit from the industry’s shortest carbon trail.

Wood burning pellets

As part of our No Waste policy, we transform our wood residue into highly efficient clean-burning wood pellets.

Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy Inc.?is the largest specialized 100% hardwood pellet producer of its kind in North America. Our pellets – made from hard northern wood – boast the highest BTU energy efficiency rating and the longest burn time among those on the market.

We share your concerns for a greener planet. In choosing a Lauzon floor, you’ll have the satisfaction of treading lightly, naturally.

Benefits for the planet

Wood is a natural renewable resource, unlike petroleum-based products like vinyl and synthetic carpets. Wood doesn’t release toxic pollutants into the air, in fact forests help purify our air.

While they are growing, trees transform CO2?into oxygen. But once trees become mature, the process stops. When a tree dies and rots in the forest, it releases all of its accumulated carbon dioxide back into the environment.

So a tree whose growth period has ended no longer releases oxygen and ceases to help clean our air. Cutting it down creates room for younger trees that will. When we transform a mature tree into a floor, the hardwood flooring actually stores the carbon indefinitely. That is why, in alignment with our approach to forest stewardship we take great care to help with the life cycle of the forest in clearing wood and allowing new growth, responsibly.

Our hardwood flooring, helping the planet.

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